Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fairbanks Family Update

Well, if it hasn't gone viral already, it has now. Im pregnant! Nah..... just kidding! I almost had you at that one!

The news with us is that Curtis is in UT and I am here in New Mexico. He went to UT to find a job! While this is so exciting, its also bittersweet. For one big reason, Curtis is there and I am here! (I really need to get over my "need-y-ness") The other thing... we might move. However, I will go where ever God needs us. I will really miss the friends that I have made here in New Mexico and the family I have here. But..... if we dont end up moving, then Hey! New Mexico friends, I love you, and all this is history!

Curtis graduated from CNM in January. He has his associates in Engineering. Now, all of you know he has been going to school for a loooooooooong time.  So he should have like a bachelors and in graduate school by now right? If thats what you are thinking... stop judging. Things changed last year and this is the move he needed to make. The great thing..... he wil be working! Its important for Curtis to work. He likes to work! The lovely things about him work, the idea of starting a family seems even that more possible. Knowing Curtis, he will go back to school, more part time than anything. If he does go back to school I will be proud of him and if he does not go back to school I will be proud of him!

So often we get cought up in how society expects our lives to go.

 In the LDS community we should not have been engaged 10 months, we should have gotten pregnant within 3 months of marriage, Curtis should have an MBA in Engineering, I should be barefoot and pregnant with my 3rd child, and we should have a house.

In the modern world, Curtis and I should NOT have gotten married, be living together, travel the world, finish our degrees, have careers, wait to have kids when Curt is almost 40 and I am like 32, and then decide to get married.... maybe.

But in my world, this is how it is.... we waited 10 months to get married because that was the request of my parents (it was so I could finish my degree) and we felt should respect my parents wishes. We married eachother because there is more love then we both could have ever imagined. We do not have kids because we are on Gods times table, I have not rushed the to the Doctor to fix the problem because it just has not felt right yet. We do not have a house because one, we are not financially capable quite yet, and two, when we buy a house we want to live in it forever, so where  the house is should be where we want to be, and we have never felt sure about New Mexico. So, we have not been rushing into everything like most LDS people would want, we are not, from the worlds perspective, putting off the truley important things like marriage and kids. We are living happily together in our marriage, Building a solid foundation of love, trust, patience, forgivness, partnership and friendship.

We are so happy! We built this happiness on our own! When things got hard and people told us to get out, we didn't! We forgave and loved eachother! When one of us struggled in school or work we learned to lift each other and be a friend rather put down the other and expect the impossible. I feel that when God blesses us with Children the greatest gift we will be giving them is the strength and love of our marriage. And Curtis does not have his bachelors yet, because well, he just doesn't. And that is OK. I am soooooooooooooooo proud of him!!


  1. OMG freak me out why don't you!? I was drinking something when I read that first line LOL!