Sunday, March 11, 2012

What is in your water? And can I have Some too!

I can honestly say, I have a dozen friends and family members that are pregnant right now, half of which are due between now and the next 30 days! I have come to the conclusion that this increased level of fertility among my friends stems from one of two reasons...

One, The water they are drinking is being visited by the fertility fairy and has obviously been given the wrong directions to my house.

Or Two! 2011 had one very cold winter. And me, well, Im never cold.


  1. Fertility Fairy made me remember a blog post I wrote a long time ago. LOL!

  2. Hi Lisa!
    I suppose I am drinking some good stuff AND it was a cold winter;)
    I just want to let you know we experienced GREAT heartache on our journey to my now 27 weeks of pregnancy. It makes this all so much sweeter;)
    I don't know if I've already referred you to this blog or not but it is amazing! She is struggling with infertility and is just so positive through it all.
    I think you will love it.
    I love you!